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<p>Is it the <a href="https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/photo/83650a2ed15247f7b1937c0d4ef1f81f.htm" rel="nofollow">hottest place on earth?</a> Actually no, that's nearby Death Valley, but you get the point! This trail system sits on the scenic eastern boundary of the Valley of Fire about 45 miles northeast of Las Vegas.  The riding area consists of one main <a href="https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/photo/f918776895484211b42765e9556bec1d.htm" rel="nofollow">easy loop</a> and a handful of sandy <a href="https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/photo/7f11dfc74ae94c349916606996e29760.htm" rel="nofollow">side trails</a> that wind through a chain of rock formations.</p><p>A massive amount of effort went into acquiring and managing these trails and you can read all about it at the main trailhead.  If you pay attention you'll see some tarantulas, and maybe some desert big horn sheep or other desert wildlife, but perhaps most interesting thing to see are the petroglyphs.  These <a href="https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/photo/fdd0f90dff374fe3a5e09fc3ea7fc386.htm" rel="nofollow">primitive drawings</a> can be found on the rock formations at few locations. </p><p>Overall, this is a fun place to <a href="https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/photo/bcaa9116204e4e648156e81aeaef2df0.htm" rel="nofollow">camp</a>, and a decent place to ride for beginners and tourists, with nothing too challenging on the main loop.  <i>(If you are going to play around in some of the brushy areas with deep sand and blind corners we recommend a whip flag.)</i> </p><p> If you are adventurous you can ride the ridgetop trails or ride from your campsite all the way into the town of Overton for supplies.  Large ATV tour groups run through this area daily.  <a href="http://www.vegastours.com/valleyoffire.htm" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">ATV Tours Info...</a></p>
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