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What You Should Know Before Hunting With an ATV

Along With the Great Opportunities Come Some New Responsibilities

Steve Casper, NOHVCC Director of Communications (January 2020)

Over the past couple of decades, ATVs have embedded themselves deeply into the hunting culture. They've become such an important tool that many hunters now wonder how they ever got along without them. Unfortunately, the use of ATVs by hunters has also sparked some controversy, but it is usually the result of a few riders not following some common-sense courtesy rules or fair-chase procedures.

It is of course possible to keep other hunters, trail users, and land owners content with your choice to utilize ATVs in your next big hunt while at the same time maintain a good image in the eyes of the general public.  Even experienced hunters may be new to using ATVs and it doesn't hurt to take a moment to review the current ATV hunting etiquette. 

To enjoy a better hunt for everyone, follow these simple rules

Hunter With ATV





The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (www.nohvcc.org) and Discover Today's ATV (www.atvinfo.org) have taken the lead in the education of hunters who use ATVs and have several new programs that are currently in the works.

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