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The information presented includes ATV parks, motocross tracks, national recreation areas and dunes, national forests, BLM lands, state vehicle recreation areas, and any other legal places we've found to ride off-road. Our goal is to make all of your riding choices available in one place, and we are continuously adding new riding areas and updating existing trails so be sure to bookmark this website.

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Trail Photo

Amargosa Dunes

Featured Dune Area Near Amargosa, NV!

If you live near Las Vegas and want to catch some big air or just cruise through the bushes over some rolling dunes, you would probably enjoy this place. The crushed grains of quartz and feldspar rock make these dunes firm and easier to navigate without a paddle tire. With lots of small washes and large areas of dispersed vegetation surrounding the area, it's kind of a fun place to set up camp, carve out a little sand track for the kids, let the dog run, and maybe kick back for a BBQ.

The crowds are small (or none) compared to the well known meccas of California like Dumont or Glamis. This place is much smaller, and more similar in size to Sand Mountain in northern Nevada, but without the crowds and fewer regulations. The mountain views are really great, especially from the top of the dunes, and the access road is flat and easy. Bring your own shade and water.

Note: This sand is pretty firm compared to beach sand, but for people who have never ridden dunes before, you should be aware that any type of sand requires a lot of horsepower and can easily overheat your dirt bike or ATV. At areas like this people will often use something like a Sand Snake for motorcycles, or Sedona Cyclones for ATVs.


Trail PhotoFrom: Reno, NV
1) Take I-80 E to Alt 50 South
2) Take Alt 50 South to 95 South
3) Take 95 South past Beatty
4) 21 miles south of Beatty turn right (west) on Valley View Blvd.
   (gps coords of turn: N36.40.777 W116.32.501)
5) Follow Valley View Blvd. west 2.0 miles
6) Entrance is dirt road on the right
   (entrance is marked by red & blue painting/arrows painted on the road).
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