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Nebraska ATV Trails

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Cedar Run ATV Trail
Trail Photo Cedar Run ATV Trail Rating
Status: Variable Schedule  (Depends on daily conditions. Call (308) 799-2105 x 2 for recorded message.)
Type: Trail  (USACE, County Land)
Location: Republican City, NE
Difficulty: Difficulty

This park has about 9 miles of trails that wind through trees and hilly, grassy meadows.   More...

Dismal River Trail
Trail Photo Dismal River Trail Rating
Status: Open
Type: Trail  (National Forest)
Location: Halsey, NE
Difficulty: Difficulty

This area offers about 36 miles of smooth and fast sandy trails and a couple open play areas.   More...

Fiddler Creek MX
Trail Photo Fiddler Creek MX Rating
Status: Open  (Open To Members Only)
Type: Track  (Privately Owned / Commercial)
Location: Homer, NE
Difficulty: Difficulty

This is a private track and is a member only facility.   More...

Lincoln Sports Foundation MX Track
Trail Photo Lincoln Sports Foundation MX Track Rating
Status: Open
Type: Combo  (County Land)
Location: Lincoln, NE
Difficulty: Difficulty

This area features a 1.5 mile motocross track as well as a seperate peewee track and some woods trails.   More...

Norfolk MXers
Trail Photo Norfolk MXers Rating
Status: Open
Type: Track  (Privately Owned / Commercial)
Location: Norfolk, NE
Difficulty: Difficulty

This offroad park currently operates a small motocross track, but at one time offered freestyle ramps, a main motocross track, peewee track and flat oval track.   More...

Fox Run Motocross Track
Trail Photo Fox Run Motocross Track Rating
Status: Closed
Type: Track  (Privately Owned / Commercial)
Location: Friend, NE
Difficulty: Difficulty

This area is is closed to all visitors.   More...

Headworks OHV Park
Trail Photo Headworks OHV Park Rating
Status: Closed
Type: Trail  (Privately Owned / Commercial)
Location: Genoa, NE
Difficulty: Difficulty

This large open area at one time offered about 600 acres of sandy woods trails, hill climbs and play areas to motorized use but is now closed.   More...

Soaring Edge Motocross Park
Trail Photo Soaring Edge Motocross Park Rating
Status: Destroyed
Type: Track  (Privately Owned / Commercial)
Location: Greenwood, NE
Difficulty: Difficulty

This track at one time was open for practice on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday but is now closed.   More...

White Sands Raceway
Trail Photo White Sands Raceway Rating
Status: Closed
Type: Track  (Privately Owned / Commercial)
Location: Ashland, NE
Difficulty: Difficulty

This motocross park at one time offered two tracks and hosted regular racing events but is now closed and no longer open for riding..   More...

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