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Winterize Your Bike or Ride It?

Grip Studs Help You To Get a Grip on Winter Riding

John Lavina (August 2022)

Motorcycle Rider In Snow"What do people in Reno do for fun?"  I asked.  The guy I had just met on the trail shrugged his shoulders and replied "We ride."   Fair enough, I asked again, "But I mean, in the winter, when it snows, what do people do?"  He looked genuinely puzzled. "We ride." he replied flatly.  We both grinned.  
Grip Stud Installed   
As it turns out, winter is one of the most fun times to ride the outskirts of Reno, and that's true in many places.  The temps are cooler but the dirt is firm, and there are fewer people to share the trails with.  But you will eventually have to tackle some sections that are snow covered, icy, and a little more scary. If you seriously want to ride year-round, you may want to try some studs.
Grip Stud Closeup
Studs give you more traction and a better turning edge while riding in any season, and they are must for really icy winter trails.  Products like DF Corp's new Grip Studs make it simple to add winter traction to any bike.  These super hard, corrosion resistant studs are made with tungsten carbide, which is three times stiffer than steel, and will give you the strength and grip you need on any terrain in any season.  They are great for mud, snow, ice, and anything else you find while trail riding.  
Grip Stud Installation
You can choose from a number of different stud sizes depending on your application and needs, they are easy to install.  The self-tapping studs simply screw into your tire knobs and you are ready to ride!  You can take a set a used tires and make them your snow tires for year-round seat time.  To find out more or to order your set of Grip Studs go to gripstuds.com or contact:

Jason Strassell

Deardorff Fitzsimmons Corporation
PO Box 539
Merlin. OR 97532
(541) 476-1928

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