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Women Motorcyclists

Off-road Racing's Toughest Women

Jennifer Rails (August 2022)

Listed below are some very talented and daring women whose names you may not have heard.  These are remarkable motorcyclists, ATV riders, and rally drivers who have all made significant accomplishments and contributions to off-road racing.  They participate in various off-road competitions, including the toughest off-road race of them all - The Dakar Rally.

Check them out below, and be sure to visit their websites and show your support.

Annie Seel - Annie Seel raced the 2002 Dakar and completed the race with a broken hand.  In 2007 she finished a respectable 94th overall, even with a bit of mechanical trouble.  An avid motorcycle enthusiast since the age of 16, she has participated in countless rallies around the world including the Baja 1000.  Check out her website and see her many accomplishments.

Laia Sanz - A talented motorcycle trials and enduro champion, Laia has currently competed in five consecutive Dakar Rally events and finishing respectively in each. For the  2015 Dakar she made history by finishing in the top 10! Laia has won the Women's Trial World Champion 13 times and Women's Trial European Championship 10 times and shows no sign of slowing down. Visit her website to see her long list of achievements.

Andrea Mayer - An accomplished motorcyclist and rally car driver, Andrea has competed in the 2002 Dakar on a BMW and grabbed an astounding 23rd overall.  Here are some links with even more interesting information about this talented racer.

Mitsubishi 04 Team

Hechlingen, June 2001

Emmanuelle Jannon - This 29 year old Christian Dior website manager has been riding since the age of 5. At one point she was the only woman that is participating in the quad category in the Dakar event and her goal was to become the first woman to complete the Dakar on a quad. Hopefully she will continue to participate in Dakar in years to come.

Ludivine Puy - What a cool name, and an accomplished enduro racer in her native country of France.  This French Policewoman was only 22 years old when she was part of the Euromaster team in the Dakar Rally. Unfortunately during one year of the Dakar, she had a very bad crash and broke her leg and pelvis while trying to avoid hitting a village child.

Maryline Lamcelin and Marie-Christine Pare - These two women made up the first ever Canadian Bombardier Women Team in 2002. Each on their own ATV, they attempted the Dakar.

Patsy Quick - Another true off-road racer, 2006 was her year at the Dakar. After three previous attempts at the Dakar with no success, Patsy became the first British woman to finish the Dakar. She has a team called Team Desert Rose.

Maria Sandell - Became the first woman to complete the Dakar Rally on a motorcycle in 2002.

Patricia Watson-Miller - A member of the Rally Raid UK, Patricia finished the 2006 Dakar in 84th place. She is an experienced motorcyclist and has competed in a large variety of enduros.

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