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About Us

Riderplanet USA

Riderplanet USA

Who Are You?

RiderPlanet USA® was created in 2005 with the goal of providing a consistent and frequently updated list of motorcycle and ATV riding opportunities in the United States. We owe our success to the tremendous help of volunteers, collaborators, random contributors and consultants who have helped us along the way.

What Do You Do?

We manage a free extensive online directory of dirt bike trails, ATV trails, OHV routes and motocross tracks. We are dedicated to helping people find great places to ride their ATV or dirt bike where they will be will welcomed and treated fairly with a mutual respect.

The destinations we catalog include commercially run motocross tracks, public recreation areas and dunes areas, national forest, BLM, and state vehicle recreation areas, commercially run ATV parks, and any other legal places we've discovered. Our goal is simply to make all types of riding choices available in one place with a consistent format, and we continuously add new locations and update existing information.

Additionally, we do our best to build the sport of motorcycling and ATV riding by promoting local and amateur events, group rides, television shows, gatherings and races. Submit your events anytime!

How Do You Get Your Information?

Our information starts with submissions and tips from park owners or local riders. Each tip is then researched or verified via collaboration with park owners or federal and state agencies. We handle support emails daily and we strive to re-verify each listing at least once per year.

When enough useful information has been gathered for a new listing, we publish what we know, which hopefully solicits additional tips and submissions from users and corrections or tweaks from park owners, further enhancing the information. We feel that we are unique in our field because we actively pursue information about new trails, make frequent updates to our list, and when possible we actually visit the areas to verify the information first hand.

Note that every riding destination we are aware of is in some stage of the general process, so some areas have much more detailed information than others. We only publish the most interesting and appropriate photos, but we appreciate all submissions. Most of our fully detailed listings are in the western United States but we are branching out as quickly as we can. You can recognize a fully completed riding area as one with a trail map, full description, driving directions, full terrain info, nearby services, a short video and a few submitted photographs.

Why Do You Do This?

Just like you, we love riding motorcycles and ATVs and going camping and taking pictures of the good times. We hate to see trails get shut down due to miscommunication or people riding in off-limit areas because they don't know any legal options. We strongly believe in supporting the groups that fight for our right to ride and promoting responsible trail behavior, and our goal is to supplement those efforts simply by showing more people what options they have, what a great sport this is, and letting them see how much fun it can be.

We hope to make it easier for more new people to get involved, to find out about new places and fun types of events, and to make new friends who are into the same type of riding. We never discourage or intimidate new riders and try to help them enjoy the challenges that off-road recreation has to offer. If you've just purchased a trail bike or MX bike, or an ATV or UTV and are trying to figure out what to do next... this website and the people behind it will help you get going.

As trail riding, off-road racing, and motocross activities gain more mainstream acceptance, we hope to be able to say we played a small role in helping everyone have more fun and less friction.

What Can I Do To Help?

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