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California Race Gas Ban

Warning: Buy Race Gas, Get Fined!

Say good-bye to the days of just walking in to your local gas station and purchasing race fuel in California. Thanks to CARB, another bill passed that makes it next to impossible to get race gas.

CARB explains that is ILLEGAL for a car/truck/motorcycle that is driven on the street to have race gas put in the tank, even if it has been used in the past for race events!

Race gas is only for vehicles that are being hauled on a trailer and are going to be used in a sanctioned race event.

It gets worse - vendors are required to keep detailed logs of who is making the purchase - meaning the customer must fill out a form each time race fuel is purchased. Below is the info that is on the permission slip:

So what happens if you get caught putting race gas in a non-compliant vehicle?  No word yet on what happens to customer, but the vendor will get slapped with a hefty fine.

This new law has already punished gas vendors. Not only has the cost gone up, but also some have even reported 90% decrease in race gas revenue!

What is really insane is what was CARB thinking?  People HATE filling out forms - people just want to by gas, not open a bank account! 

 One must wonder if this is just another way for the state to try to "create" jobs, a.k.a. paper pushers. Just more bureaucratic crap to burden the already overtaxed system.

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