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The Latest Technology in Motorcycle Headsets

Sena 30K Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Polaris ATV Navigating a Rocky Trail

Motorcycle headsets have come a long way since the original Chatterbox. Today's rider can expect high quality in-helmet audio for reliable rider-to-rider communication with advanced hands-free features for the road and the trail. Sena has recently come up with some slick technology that vastly improves the communication experience by eliminating some of the connection and cross talk headaches you may remember from earlier days.

The Sena 30K headset stays connected to other riders in your group automatically, allowing you to seamlessly join or leave a group without having to reconnect. The headset also has two Bluetooth slots to easily pair your smartphone or GPS unit. The evolution of the smartphone makes any in-helmet headset more exciting than ever before, with most modern phones offering voice activated navigation, high quality music, podcasts, audio books, voice activated phone calls, text and email readers, and even voice activated internet searches.

The Sena 30K kit basically consists of the following:

This affordable headset is perfect for adventure tours, training sessions or as a gift for any rider who demands polished technology that does its job without getting in the way. If you haven't experimented with in-helmet headsets recently, now is a good time to take a second look. They really do provide an enhanced riding experience and increased level of safety.

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