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10 Things Your RiderCoach Thinks You Should Know

Maximizing the Benefits of Your Training

Alain Kaldewaaij (June 2019)

A group of students listening to a coach at a dirt bike school with a fleet of Honda dirt bikes in the foreground

Many riders are looking for a good RiderCoach to get themselves trained and taught how to ride an adventure motorcycles or dirt bikes off-road. According to RiderCoach Alain Kaldewaaij, really they are not only there for the training and instruction, but riders and RiderCoaches must form a partnership for this to be effective.

1) Realize that adventure motorcycles or dirt bikes riding off-road is a sport.

It does not matter what discipline you practice riding, it requires physical fitness. "Your muscles have to work and they are going to hurt and your going to sweat,” Alain said. "People who have been riding adventure motorcycles or dirt bikes off-road since childhood know this, but someone just starting out should realize that this is really hard work and you have a good chance getting hurt”.

2) Know your goals

Some riders hire a RiderCoach to learn the basics, others works with a RiderCoach to make them better at certain skills and objectives. Anyway, according to Alain a RiderCoach is more effective when the rider is clear about his/her goals. "Everyone has different goals or objectives and it may change over time, but riders must be clear about what they expect from a RiderCoach". RiderCoaches should provide great training opportunities like this.

3) Go shopping for a RiderCoach

A RiderCoach is most effective when he is trained and certified in that riding discipline in which you trying to learn. A RiderCoach must be compatible with your goals and in line with your personality and learning style. Talk to others who have had lessons from that RiderCoach to find out whether he is a good RiderCoach. In other words get references.

Alain Kaldewaaij - Dirt Bike Coach

4) Listen

RiderCoach wants the best out of the time you have together, that means you have to listen to their advice properly. "Whether I'm on the ground or I’m driving, I can see what you need to improve on, so listen to me,” Alain said.

5) Also ask questions

It does not matter what your goals are, but asking questions is a must, Alain says. “Don’t be afraid to admit that you do not understand an objective, lesson plan or instructions.”

6) Practice for yourself

RiderCoaches expect you to practice the things you have learned, but you need to show progress, however small. "Practice makes you perfect,” Alain Said. "But you have to practice for yourself - not for me or anyone else - to get to know your individual goals and needs.”

7) Push yourself

Even the most experienced RiderCoach can not replace the hard work of an adventure motorcycles or a dirt bike off-road rider. You have a RiderCoach to help you improve in your discipline and individual goals, but you have to do all the hard work yourself.

8) Leave your judgments at home

It is very difficult for a RiderCoach when a rider's makes his/her own performance reviews. Alain says it’s also important that riders like the learning process and is willing to do so. "Progress takes time and it is important that you see every small improvement,” Alain said.

9) Drive for yourself

According to Alain riders are more effective when they are willing to learn and practice what they have been taught. Drive yourself and for your own reasons. Drive yourself to effective learning, by being knowledgeable, create a higher skill level, improve your attitude, and correct poor habits.

10) Who will make an excellent RiderCoach?

An excellent RiderCoach is one who can provide the following:

Alain says "It takes time in the saddle and a lot of practice to be perfect.”

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Alain Kaldewaaij Certified MSF RiderCoach owner of:
Adventure Motorcycle and Dirt Bike Training School

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