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Invisible Riding Gear

Leaving the Dork at Home

Jennifer Rails (June 2019)

I have to admit, a brand new touring jacket and a tight pair of riding pants makes me feel like a boss. But there are times when I’m just going out for some grub and I don’t want to look like a storm trooper at the burger joint. So where do you get riding gear that looks casual?

I could just wear regular clothes but I’ve destroyed too many of my good jeans that way. Not to mention that if I do go down, those regular clothes really feel like... regular clothes. They are probably more useful as a tourniquet. I’m always on the lookout for something discrete but with some of the same protection I get from my regular riding gear. These are a few options that I liked over at Revzilla.

For The Girls:

For The Guys:

All of this stuff was pretty affordable. For about $400 bucks you can get a protective hoodie, pants and some decent looking shoes.

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