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3 Easy Steps To Get Into Motocross Racing

A Quick Guide To Get Your Kid Into Motocross

Jennifer Rails (June 2019)

Two young kids on Honda 50cc dirt bikes riding on motocross track.

1) The Right Start

Start with the right bike and gear, and let them ride as much as possible around the yard or in an open field. Another option is to visit a local motocross park that has a peewee track. Try to focus on good riding posture and how to use the clutch, shifter, throttle and brakes.

If you don't have the time or experience, signing up for a riding class is a good investment. Some motocross tracks offer riding camps that cater to beginners. Another good source to find riding lessons is at Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Just enter your zip code to find the closest trainer. Remember, the more seat time the better.

2) Jump In

Once they get the hang of it, look into a local race series. A good newbies race would be at the county fairgrounds or a series hosted by a motorcycle club. Usually a membership is required to participate in a club series but most offer a one day pass so you can see if it's a good fit. Both generally have a low key atmosphere so it's a good way for the both of you to get some experience without too much stress.

Young child on 50cc Suzuki dirt bike catching a little air from a small jump on motocross track.

If you want to skip the fairgrounds and club scene and dive right into racing, contact your local motocross track and ask when the next race is. When race day arrives, show up at least an hour early, pay the gate fee (each person has to pay regardless if racing or spectating), park in the pit, walk up to the sign up trailer, fill out the forms to get a race number and to determine the class your kid will be racing. Some promoters accept credit cards but you should still bring some cash.

Once the paperwork is squared away get junior suited up. Attend the riders meeting which is usually held 10-15 minutes before the practice session. The referee will go over the specifics of the motos, scoring system, starting procedures, etc. Basically each class consists of a two-moto format (one moto is usually 30 minutes long but can vary). Points are given for each moto and are combined to determine the winner. The rider with the most points wins that class.

Young child on Suzuki mini dirt bike catching some air on a motocross track.

3) The Next Step

If your kid really takes to racing, then try to complete an entire series. Depending on the promoter, most series consist of 8 to 12 races. The series winner is usually determined by total points, so the more races your child enters and the better they place, the more likely they could become the next season champion.

If they are really serious and have the drive and talent to excel, look into a dedicated motocross training camp. These courses can last anywhere from a few days to an entire summer. Lessons are usually led by a professional trainer with years of motocross racing. Gary Semics's MX School, Millsaps Training Facility and Jimmy Weinert Training Facility are some good options.

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