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List of Dakar Rally Motorcycle Winners

Historical List of Dakar Winners (Motorcycle)

Jennifer Rails (May 2024)

Thanks to the late Thierry Sabine for getting lost in the Libyan desert back in 1977, this set the stage for the world's longest and toughest off-road endurance rally - the Dakar Rally. The first race began at the Eiffel Tower and ended in Dakar, Senegal. Over the years the rally has moved across Africa, South America and now Saudi Arabia but the route remains as long and challenging as ever.

The Dakar Rally is not for the weak - roughly 9,000 kilometers (5,600 miles) of rocks, sand washes, dunes, desert roads, water crossings, wildlife and everything else in between makes it the ultimate test of man and machine. The event is held in January and is open to both amateurs and professionals. The rally is divided into 15 stages that one must ride (or drive) about 500 miles each day! Hundreds sign up but only a few will actually finish. The event is open to trucks, buggies, ATVs, UTVs and of course, motorcycles.

Dakar Rally also boasts some impressive media stats too! Next to Formula One, Dakar Rally is the second most watched motorsport event. About 40 million people watch the rally on television and about 4.5 million spectators make the trek to see the race.

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