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The Right Way To Tow In Sand

Don't Be the Days Entertainment

RP Staff (November 2019)

Young woman on Suzuki RM100 dirt bike with orange whip flag riding at Oceano Dunes.Camping and riding at the dunes is a lot of fun. Finding that perfect spot with awesome views of the ocean and rolling sand dunes surrounding your camper is one of the best highlights of the season. But what is not fun is getting stuck and becoming the days entertainment. But if you follow a couple simple steps, you can look like a pro and avoid being being filmed and uploaded for the YouTube trolls.

1). The moment you leave the pavement and the tires hit the sand, stop, get out and reduce the air on all four tires to 15psi. This is called "airing down". When the air is reduced this causes the tires to flatten more at the bottom, therefore creating a wider surface area for better traction. You can air down even further, but start at 15psi and adjust as needed.

2). Keep a moderate speed, and remember momentum is your friend. This is especially true if you encounter small hills - get some speed before you hit the base of the hill and keep the gas on until you are over the hill.

If you have a 2WD vehicle try to stay on the wet part of the beach. This section is usually firmer which should reduce the chances of getting stuck (4x4 vehicles will handle better in the sand). If you still get stuck, dig out around the tires, air down a little more, and you should be able to get out in no time.

Some items to pack is a shovel, tow straps, flash light, safety flag and of course, an air compressor. Bring some extra gasoline since trucks tend to burn more fuel as you drive through the sand.

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