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Xplor-int Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle School

Featuring Professional Riderscoach From Alain Kaldewaay

Xplor-Int is proud to bring our Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle School to Western Pennsylvania and Western Maryland. Located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, these areas are the perfect venue for this program. It features great terrain, first-class cabins what is included in the price, and is easily accessible from everywhere in the northeast.

Riding your own dual sport motorcycle our two-day program is designed to maximize every rider's ability on dirt, gravel or other non-paved surfaces. Alain Kaldewaay, a certified professional RiderCoaches will be the lead instructor for this event. In addition you will learning more from one of our other certified RiderCoaches.

Day one will consist of close range exercises (6-8 hours). Second day of the school will consist of approximately six hours of riding time and one hour of verbal instruction. Riding includes drills on dirt, gravel, water and grass and excursions up and around the Appalachian Mountains and the surrounding area.

Riders also will be able to put their newfound skills to use on a dual sport ride with the instructors. Riders are required to wear full protective gear including helmets, gloves, riding jacket, riding pants and boots that protect the ankles. Knobby tires are recommended. This course is intended for intermediate road riders looking for an introduction to beginner off-road riding.

In order to provide a personalized and safety level, class size is limited to 8 participants. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and reserve your spot early as our previous events have sold out.


  1. Complete the PDF registration form (see link) and e-mail it back to xplor@live.com

  2. We will invoice you on request if not paid by PayPal or credit card

  3. Payment is received by us, then proceed with step three

  4. Confirmation number and instructions will be send to clients via e-mail

  5. No motorcycle insurance and vehicle information, needed for dirt bikes. Lodging is only available for ADV training

  6. We accept two-forms of payment - PayPal or credit cards.


Day 1: March 13, 2020

Day 2: March 14, 2020

Day 3: March 15, 2020

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