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17th Annual White Mountain UTV Jamboree

Hosted By Arizona Offroad Promotions!

Photos and article by LeeAnn Nix and Jim Smith of Drone:30, pictures also by Michelle Ramos-Marks (September 2021)

The best way to end a chaotic 2021 summer filled with mandates, division and chaos is with another perfectly executed White Mountain UTV Jamboree. Their 17th Annual to be exact. UTV Offroad Adventures in Arizona holds this gem of an event in August every year and in the 3 years we have attended, we can personally say that there is nothing but back to back adventure and endless miles of smiles.

The White Mountains are located in Apache County Arizona and are surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery you will ever encounter. Tall trees, small and large mountain lakes, rushing rivers, vast open meadows and plenty of wildlife including wolves, bear, elk, deer, turkey and wild horses to boot.

Wednesday and Thursday are filled with catching up with old friends and getting to know your way around the towns of Eagar and Springerville, AZ. A great way to explore the towns is to enjoy the poker run! There are 5 stops and players are welcome to come in, draw a card and inquire about the local happenings. Poker draw locations this year were sponsored by Avery's BBQ, Trailriders Restaurant, Booga Red's Restaurant, Safire Restaurant, The Pop Shop and God's Country Powersports.

Grab a partner and attempt the Blindman Obstacle Course. If you are afraid to give it a shot, at least sit back and watch all the entertainment of a co-driver yelling, barking and pointing directions to a driver who, well, cannot see anything! Quite entertaining to say the least. A favorite for sure.

A new challenge was added this year and was a challenge enjoyed by many. The UTV Soccer Challenge with bigger than life soccer balls being pushed through a goal line by UTV. This was a crazy new challenge and was a hit to say the least. Very entertaining and some great competitors this year. Cannot wait to see what next year has in store.

But do not forget that there are Thursday and Friday night rides. This year's full moon and beautiful skies were incredible! The abundant variety of whip lights swaying side to side is mesmerizing. Bouncing lights over the bumpy roads with a full moon backdrop is a dreamy sight. And then there are the perks of hanging with many trail friends at the pit stops along the way.

Friday kicks off the long list of rides for the week to choose from. Rides this year included Nashty Nation Greer Ride led by Bill Nash and crew, Grizzly Ride led by Kelly Baca, The Black River Ride led by Jamie and David Tompkins, Ryan's Secret Alpine Ride led by Ryan James and the Long Way to Big Lake ride led by Richie Rees. Choose any one of these rides for Friday and Saturday, each one with it's own unique ride style and leader. All of these leaders have a wealth of information and stories to share and do a fantastic job. These rides are all packed with unimaginable scenery, wildlife and great friends. There are also a couple of shorter rides if you are wanting to include your Sunday for some extended White Mountain Fun! It is a joy to meet the people who come far and wide to attend this event yearly. The Colorado Wild Bunch come back year after year and are definitely an uplifting spunky bunch. Families from New Mexico, California, Utah, Colorado and many more partake in all of the events. This event just keeps growing each year and each one is more exciting than the last.

Saturday night is a much anticipated evening filled with dinner by Avery's BBQ, trophies for the week's winners from cornhole, the poker run, the Miss UTV Contest, a little fun and of course the RAFFLE. Vendor row was present including Lifted Trucks, CST Tires, Baja Racing Gear, Nash Powersports and Go AZ Motorcycles with many UTV or much needed items for purchase.

AZ Kidz Experience has raffle tickets for sale to win a 2021 Maverick X3 DS Turbo CAN AM with all proceeds going to the Phoenix Children's Hospital. Tickets are still available and can be found at azkidzexperience.com, but hurry! They are drawing on November 20, 2021.

There are countless items to be won thanks to all of the awesome sponsors. Whip lights, oil, coolers, light bars, slime, tires, radios, hats, shirts, certificates for UTV parts and labor, full bags of loot and much more. Always smiling winners here.

A PCI radio system from Baja Racing Gear was auctioned with proceeds going to The Phoenix Children's Hospital. This is always an impressive thing to witness the battle to win and donate to a very special cause. An impressive total of $8,000.00 was raised this year for The Phoenix Children's Hospital.

The hours of care that goes into planning for these large events are backed by many super humans, vendors, sponsors and attendees. Many thanks!

Join us for the next out of this world event, Fire in the Sky UTV Fun Run in Heber, AZ September 17th-19th, 2021.

Visit UTVoffroadAdventures.com for information and schedules for all events in Arizona!

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