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2023 6 Hour Halloween Howler Bike Team Race

Hosted By AZOP Racing!

2023 Halloween Howler Race

As the sun started to rise all you could see is truck loads of dirt bikes lining up to get in and set up their pits, a hushed excitement filled the air, setting the stage for the adrenaline-fueled journey ahead in the 6-Hour Halloween Howler Bike Team Race.

In the heart of the picturesque pine forests surrounding Alto Pit in Prescott, Arizona, the 2023 AZOP Racing 6-hour Halloween Howler Bike Team Race was about to kick off. It was a crisp and misty morning on Oct 21, with the smell of pine needles in the air, setting the perfect scene for an adrenaline-pumping Halloween-themed race.

2023 Halloween Howler Race

Forty-four teams, each composed of two or three riders, were gearing up for the ultimate off-road adventure. Among them, ten teams were made up of Ironman riders, those brave souls willing to tackle the grueling 6-hour race solo. The excitement and anticipation in the air were palpable.

The track, shrouded in the mist and surrounded by tall pines, consisted of tight, twisty, flowing single-track trails and a few fast wide open roads. It promised a challenging ride through the forest, where racers would navigate steep ascents, technical descents, and endless hairpin turns. It was a true test of skill, endurance, and courage.

2023 Halloween Howler Race

The race began with each class starting in a line, it was a dead engine start and the racer straddling the front fender of their dirt bikes. First line was Team Experts followed by Team Sportsmans, Team Vets, Team Family, Team Minis and then Ironman. The sound of revving engines echoed through the trees, and the teams sprinted into the trail, disappearing into the mist, like a scene from a ghostly forest.

The Ironman riders, each with a determined look on their faces, were ready to battle. They were well aware that this 6-hour endurance race was no easy feat, but their spirit was unwavering. As the hours passed, the twists and turns of the trail challenged their stamina, and the competition grew more intense.

Throughout the race every hour the results were posted so the riders could see where they stood.

The halfway point of the race started to feel like it would never end, the riders where getting tired but still having fun. In the pits as we walked around we heard from several teams asking their teammates if they wanted to do more laps as they were getting tired.

2023 Halloween Howler Race

As the sun began to break through the mist, the race entered its final hours. Teams and Ironman riders alike pushed themselves to the limit, navigating the challenging terrain with determination. Cheers from the spectators echoed through the pine forest as the riders crossed the finish line one by one.

In the end, it was a Team Cameron Racing with the overall and Team Expert win, followed by Team Outlaws and Team JCI Racing the first place Ironman Kinser Racing came in a very impressive 15th overall. Riders who claimed victory, showcasing unparalleled skill and perseverance. The forest had witnessed a Halloween Howler race like no other, where the beauty of Prescott's pine trees served as the backdrop for an extraordinary day of competition and camaraderie, leaving a memory that would haunt the riders with pride and achievement for years to come. All results can be seen at www.azopracing.com

As we walked the pits all we kept getting was thumbs up and hearing over and over was this was one of the most fun races we have done in a long time and that we need to put on more team races in Arizona, so with that being said AZOP Racing is planning 3 to 4 Motorcycle Team races in 2024. Stay tuned to www.azopracing.com for upcoming races. For more info, you can email kyle@azopracing.com

Kyle Krause Azopracing.com

2023 Halloween Howler Race

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