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Laughlin Extravaganza 5 Hour Bike Team Race

Hosted By Arizona Offroad Promotions

RP Staff (March 2024)

Arizona Offroad Promotions continued their 2024 with the Laughlin Extravaganza 5-Hour Team race, the first of the Team Race Series on February 24, 2024. Sixty-four teams showed up to test their endurance and battle the unforgiving rugged desert a short 10 miles from downtown Laughlin, Nevada. The teams, comprised of up to three riders, geared up for the ultimate endurance challenge: a 5-hour desert motorcycle team race. Months of rigorous training, meticulous bike preparation, and strategic planning went into their quest for victory. With the scorching desert sun overhead and the unforgiving terrain ahead, they knew they were in for an intense battle. Those who chose to brave the task on their own, the Ironmen, were in for an even bigger challenge.

As the race commenced, adrenaline surged through the team's veins. Each starting rider mounted their high-performance motorcycle, ready to conquer the rugged desert landscape. The roar of engines echoed across the hills as they embarked on their journey. The experts took off first, in a cloud of dust. They were quickly followed by the Vets, Seniors, Sportsmen, Family, Ironman, and Mini teams. Hole shots were of the utmost importance, as the single-track terrain made for difficult passing as the riders traversed the mountainous regions.

The initial hours of the race were a test of endurance and strategy, with Ricky Brabec leading the pack from the get-go. Straight off his second Dakar Rally Cross championship, the Monster Energy Honda Team Rider dominated the field, racing the entire team race as a solo rider. The teams focused on finding their rhythm and navigating the rocky terrain with precision and agility. Team Yes Daddy from Payson, Arizona were at the head of the pack during the early stages of the race. Communication was key as the teams coordinated their movements, alerting each other to obstacles and changes in terrain. Nowhere was this more evident, than with the Scootin’ Newton Team, as they battled obstacle after obstacle, and still continued to thrive on the track. The blistering sun beat down upon them, but their determination remained unyielding.

With the finish line in sight, adrenaline surged through the teams as they entered the final hour of the race. Fatigue threatened to slow their pace, but sheer willpower propelled them forward. Each member dug deep, summoning reserves of strength they never knew they possessed. Cheers erupted as they crossed the finish line, triumphant and united in their achievement.

Ricky Brabec from Mohave Valley, AZ dominated the field and came out on top of the 64 teams that entered the race. Team Desert Ready Mix from Glendale, AZ came in second, followed by Team 1 Pump from Needles, CA. Valley Boyz Racing from Holtville, CA, Team Phillips from Needles, CA, Team Yes Daddy from Payson, AZ, Rogue Moto Prescott, Team Chicken Burgers, Team Tres Amigos, and Team Purvines Racing of Las Vegas, NV all finished in the top 10 overall, all racing in the Expert class of teams.

The Sportsman class was won by Team RLK from Flagstaff, AZ, followed closely by Team Buster Scruggs from Cameron, Team Full Send from Mesa, AZ, and Team KRG Racing from Blythe, CA. Team Unfit to Participate rounded out the top 5 Sportsmen.

Team Flipmode from Lake Havasu, AZ won the Vet 35+ class, just fending off Team Werd Racing from Flagstaff. Team FCA MX from Phoenix came in third place, with Team Dialed Racing from Las Vegas in 4th, and Team Rockstar Drop from Scottsdale in 5th.

The Senior 50+ teams showed that they could hang with the rest of the field, with Team Vance Vance out of Peoria, AZ winning the class and finishing 11th overall. Team Crusty Skid Marks from Surprise, AZ took 2nd place in the class with an impressive finish.

The Family Class was won by Team Trubey Racing from Henderson, NV. Team Accuracy from Tonto Basin, AZ took 2nd place, and Team Barnumpro from Chandler, AZ took 3rd in class. Hot on their tails was Team Scootin’ Newton from Parker, AZ in 4th place, and Team Mullet Men from Prescott in 5th.

The Ironman class had an impressive field, with 13 total entrants entered to face the entire 5 hours on their own. Ironman Hunger Guiboa from Lake Havasu took 1st place, followed by Ironman Collin H from Flagstaff, Ironman Kick Till Monday from Henderson, NV, Ironman Smallcanyon from Navajo Mountain, and Ironman Icester from Mohave Valley all rounding out the top 5 competitors in class. Ironman Tanner Sutton from Williams, Arizona was quite impressive, going out on his mini-bike to take on the entire course for 5 hours. Speaking of Minis, with one team entered, Team Titty Twister from Flagstaff, AZ showed that they could hang with the adults, finishing four laps overall, and winning the mini-class.

The 5-hour Laughlin Extravaganza motorcycle team race had tested the riders in ways they never imagined, but they emerged victorious, united in their triumph over the elements. As they packed up their gear and bid farewell to the desert, they carried with them memories of an unforgettable adventure and the knowledge that they were capable of conquering any challenge that lay ahead.

Check out azopracing.com for upcoming team races and other race events.

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