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AZOP Offroad Racing in Kingman, Arizona

Hosted By Arizona Offroad Promotions

RP Staff (May 2024)

AZOP Offroad Racing in Kingman, Arizona

Race Report: AZOP Offroad Racing in Kingman, Arizona

Event Overview:

The Arizona Offroad Promotions (AZOP) Offroad Racing series stormed into Kingman, Arizona, on April 27 and April 28, 2024, igniting the desert with an electrifying display of offroad prowess. Featuring a diverse lineup of competitors ranging from the youngest riders on Stacyc bikes to the seasoned veterans piloting Big UTVs, the event promised adrenaline-fueled action at every turn.

Weather Conditions: AZOP Offroad Racing in Kingman, Arizona

April 27 greeted racers with relentless sunshine and scorching temperatures, pushing the mercury to a blistering 90F. However, April 28 brought a stark change as dark clouds loomed overhead, accompanied by gusty winds and sporadic showers. The unpredictable weather added an extra layer of challenge to an already demanding course, testing the racers' mettle and determination.

Race Highlights: AZOP Offroad Racing in Kingman, Arizona

Stacy's Bike Class (2-7 years old): The Stacy's Bike class showcased the youngest and most fearless competitors, with riders as young as two years old demonstrating their skills on two wheels. Despite the brevity of their race, these pint-sized racers captivated spectators with their sheer determination and unwavering focus, setting the stage for future offroad champions.

AZOP Offroad Racing in Kingman, Arizona
Motorcycle Class:

The motorcycle class boasted a diverse lineup of riders, with competitions spanning three categories:

AZOP Offroad Racing in Kingman, Arizona

UTV Class:

The UTV class featured three distinct categories, each offering its own unique challenges:

Quad Class: AZOP Offroad Racing in Kingman, Arizona

Quad racing offered thrills and excitement across three categories:


Stacy’s Bike Class:

Motorcycle Class:

PeeWee Class:

UTV Class:

Quad Class:

As the dust settled and the cheers faded, the AZOP Offroad Racing series in Kingman, Arizona, proved once again to be a thrilling showcase of skill, speed, and determination. With competitors already eyeing the next challenge, the stage is set for another epic showdown in the world of offroad racing. To see all race results and upcoming events, be sure to visit www.azopracing.com.

AZOP Offroad Racing in Kingman, Arizona

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