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AZOP Racers Take on the Sandy Canyons of California

2019 AZOP Series, Round 2, Blythe, CA February 9-10, 2019

Written by: Miller Truby All images © Miller Truby (February 2019)

The second round of the Arizona Offroad Promotions Rowley White RV Series - presented by Winiecki Motorsports and ABC Body Shop - saw racers take on the impeccably groomed and thoroughly challenging track at Shorty’s Sports Park in Blythe, California last weekend. Racers and spectators were greeted with ideal weather in the form of cool temperatures and high clouds as the sun rose over the track on Saturday morning.

Despite the excitement over the course the mood in the pits before racing began was somewhat somber as news spread that AZOP co-owner Richie Rees and AZOP referee Dan Rees would not be in attendance following the unexpected passing of Johnna Rees (Richie’s mother and Dan’s wife) the week prior. The entire AZOP family - racers, spectators, staff, volunteers - came together to make sure that donations were collected and a large poster was brought out at the scorer’s table where it was signed by a wide variety of competitors and staff to show support for the Rees family.

Saturday Races

As the cloudy dawn turned into overcast daylight the 170cc/250cc UTV class competitors lined up to begin the weekend’s races. Running an abridged course that took them through parts of the motocross track before funneling down a steep hill and into a sandy uphill canyon, the young drivers found plenty of opportunities to pass and be passed. In the 170cc class Ryland Stowell took the win in his #192 Polaris with 20 laps completed in the 30 minute time limit despite suffering a rollover in the motocross section after getting tangled up with Cooper Lake in the #1948 Polaris. Lake and Liam Salas Fisher’s #115 rounded out the podium with 18 laps each.

The 250cc class only had one entry at this event, giving Vincent Riccitelli the easy class win with 19 laps completed in his black #17 Hisun.

AZOP Blythe, CA

The Pee Wee Quads were up next on the same abridged version of the course. The 80cc + Advanced class put on a great show with Tavin Freeman on the #44 machine and Brendon Turner on the #95 battling for most of the half-hour race. Freeman eventually took the win with 22 laps completed, while Turner finished with 21. Brayden Earlewine rounded out the podium with 19 laps completed on the #17 quad.

The 80cc + Beginner quads had 11 entries on Saturday which made for some exciting racing with crowded corners and passes happening everywhere. The race wasn’t decided until the last few corners as Cade Little on the #85 machine edged Jack Wilson’s #222 by only 3 seconds on their 20th lap. Dalton Hill brought his #24 to a third place finish with 18 laps done.

The 50-79cc 4-6 Year Old class was won by Brantley Little on the #100 Honda with 12 laps completed. Tyler Wade finished second on the #88 machine, also with 12 laps completed.

AZOP Blythe, CA

Continuing through the Pee Wee classes, the Pee Wee bikes were next on the abridged 30-minute course. The 65cc C class was very competitive with Cooper Skersick riding the #247 bike to his second win of the season with 19 laps completed - good enough for second overall among the Pee Wee bikes. Deegan Enriguez was close for most of the race and brought his #73 Kawasaki home in second with 18 laps done. Trent Wallace finished 14 laps on the #023 bike and secured the third spot on the podium.

The 50cc 7-8 Year Old class was a one-sided affair as Kaycee Curley rode the #238 KTM hard and finished a full 11 laps ahead of #918 Logan Ford (8 laps) and #154 Lane Oden (also 8 laps). Curley wound up completing 19 laps and actually won the overall for the Pee Wee bikes despite the displacement disadvantage.

The Curley family also celebrated a win in the 50cc 4-6 Year Old class as Courtney Curley brought the #25 bike across the line with 11 laps completed. Colton Rademacher took second on the #94 machine with 9 laps, and Maverick Willis took third on the #018 with 9 laps.

AZOP Blythe, CA

Once the kiddos had cleared the course, AZOP officials switched everything over to the full-length track and spectators crowded to the fences to watch the first adult race of the day as the Big Bikes took to the start line. Shorty’s Sports Park pulled out all the stops to present riders and fans with a highly varied track that would demand mastery of many different skills. Beginning in the motocross section, riders would have to navigate several kickers, a big tabletop, a few long doubles, as well as all the high-bermed corners in between. Then the track transitioned into a series of sandy sections with several steep drops and difficult climbs through the canyons. If they survived the sand, riders were treated to a very flat portion of the course with switchbacks and a long straightaway which led to a more traditional desert area, complete with whooped-out corners, baseball sized rocks, and plenty of dust. All said and done, the full course totaled about 4 miles.

With 72 entries across 15 different classes, there was action at every part of the track throughout the race. In the Pro class Alex Morgan put on a dominant performance on the #531 Honda, completing 11 laps in the allotted 50 minutes and lapping the field in the process. Austin Szenina finished second with 9 laps completed on the #224 entry.

The Open A class gave fans the bar-to-bar racing they came out to see as Austin Alexander rode the #95 Yamaha hard for 10 laps to eke out a 5-second win over Drake Hacker’s #214 Kawasaki. William Dipley brought his #162 machine to a third place finish in 9 laps. Alexander’s time was good enough to give him second place overall for the big bikes.

Joe Joe Kalous outmatched the other 12 entries in the Open B class and got a class win and a third-place overall finish on his #826 Honda with 10 laps completed. Drew Farris finished second on the #35 Suzuki and Blythe local Derek Brisco ended up third on the #67 Kawasaki.

Open C was the biggest bike class of the day with 17 entries and they did not disappoint. The top ten finishers all completed 8 laps and after 50 minutes of racing only 4 minutes separated first place from eighth. The top spot on the podium went to Alejandro Cortez Jr on the #372 machine, while second went to Gage McKinney on the #126 Yamaha. Jake Moffat brought his #343 Kawasaki home in third.

Tim Dana’s #97 was the lone entry for the 125-250cc A class, giving him an easy win with 9 laps done.

125-250cc B went to Collier Martinez on the #33 bike with 9 laps finished. Colton Edwards brought the #29 Kawasaki across in second with 8 laps and Dustin Queen rounded out the podium on the #974 with 8 laps as well.

The 125-250cc C class saw 13 entries and great racing as all of the top-5 finishers completed 8 laps. Austin Wallace eventually came out on top on the #026 entry with Cole Haley on the #42 edging out Jaeqon Peterson on the #727 by 4 seconds for second place. Master 50+ A went to the lone entry of Ed Heacox on the #028 Yamaha, who completed 9 laps.

Master 50+ B gave race fans another close ending with #027 Mike Carroll finishing his eighth lap 5 seconds ahead of the #029 bike of Cass Morgan. Richard Heyer finished third on the #311 Yamaha with 8 laps completed as well.

Senior 40+ A was won by Cary Wallace on the #032 machine in 9 laps.

Senior 40+ B went to Tom Estelle on the #591 Kawasaki with 2 laps completed.

Richard Green was the only Super Senior 60+ rider to enter on Saturday and he took the checkered flag on the #75 bike with 8 laps completed.

Vet 30+ B went to Kyle Kinsman on the #236 Suzuki with 9 laps finished. Evan Harrison took second on the #61 Suzuki with 8 laps done and Brian De Los Abos finished third on the #018 Husqvarna in 8 laps.

Vet 30+ C was won by sole entry Robbie Willis on the #017 KTM in 6 laps.

AZOP Blythe, CA

As the big bike competitors made their way to the pits, the mini bikes lined up in the start chute and got ready to take on the full course. Marley Kuhn got a relatively easy win on the #21 as the sole entry in the 65cc A class, finishing with 6 laps completed.

65cc B saw some of the best racing of the day with the top three riders taking the checkers on lap 5 within a minute of each other. Tristan Andrade got the win on the #2 bike while Edwardo Panic brought the #13 Honda across the line a mere 7 seconds later. Owen Wesley took third on the #928 KTM.

80-150cc was hotly contested as well, with the #1429 KTM of Jonathan Kirat taking the class win and the overall mini bike win with 7 laps done. Porter May took second in class and second overall on the #177 Honda with 7 laps as well, and Travis Boyd brought his #22 Honda across the line in third with 6 laps finished; good enough for third overall.

80-150cc B was won by Chase Boyd on the #4 bike in 6 laps, with second place going to Spencer Cyr on the #014 machine with 5 laps completed.

80-150cc C was won by Danny Baca on the #48 KTM in 6 laps. Clayton Hixon took second on the #130 less than a minute later while Colson Skersick on the #413 took third less than a minute after that.

The Women’s C class was won by Ellie Koester’s #93 Kawasaki in 5 laps. Local rider Emilee Carter of Ehrenberg brought her #371 machine home in second with 5 laps completed as well. Third went to Grace Vinagro on the #191 machine, also in 5 laps.

AZOP Blythe, CA

With the mini bikes finishing up their race and the overcast skies ceding to bright sunshine, the Mini Quads had their turn on the full course. Jayden Jackson put in a dominant ride on the #77 Yamaha and completed 7 laps, winning the 250-400cc class as well as the overall. Dakota Hibler rode the #57 Yamaha to a second place class and overall finish in 6 laps, while Dylan Skaggs finished third in class and overall on the #199 Kawasaki.

The 71-125cc 8-11 Year Old class was won in a close race by Deacon Collins on the #032 quad with 4 laps done while Harley Catron finished only 16 seconds behind on the #009 machine.

Blythe local Alina Lainez brought her #022 Yamaha home in first place after 5 laps in the 91-300cc 10-15 Year Old class, while #48 Elizabeth George finished second, also with 5 laps completed.

AZOP Blythe, CA

With the future pros off the course it was time for the current Big Quad/ATC riders to take on the Blythe sand and rocks. The Pro class was dominated by the #6 Yamaha of Mike Sloan, who attacked the course for 50 minutes and nearly lapped the field, finishing 10 laps and getting the overall win as well. Second place in the Pro class went to Koby Dodson on the #32 Honda with 9 laps completed.

The Expert class featured some great racing as the top 5 finishers all did 9 laps and took the checkers just over 5 minutes apart. Nick Helton got the class win on the #808 and finished second overall. Torey Matajcich on the #319 came across the line in second just 25 seconds later, while Dylan Mayol brought the #37 machine home in third.

Vet Pro was won by Rick Ellsworth on the #121 Honda, whose 9 laps was good enough to give him third overall. Todd Ellsworth took second in class on the #54 with 9 laps completed, and Ron Suor brought home third place on the #102 machine with 6 laps done.

The Sportsman class included 12 entries and sparked some hard racing as Brian Jackson took the win in 9 laps on the #133 Yamaha only 21 seconds ahead of second place finisher Dillon Hendrickson on the #69 Honda. Layne Fryar held off the rest of the field for third on the #974 Yamaha, finishing with 8 laps done.

A strong field of 5 riders showed up for the ATC (3-wheelers) class and proceeded to stage a thrilling race. David Ham eventually got the win on the #20 Honda, finishing lap 8 just 5 seconds ahead of second place rider Ed Hicks on the #208 Honda. Paul Airey brought the #71 Honda across the line third with 7 laps done.

AZOP Blythe, CA

Handlebars gave way to steering wheels as the sun moved lower in the afternoon sky and the 570cc UTVs lined up for a 12-car, all Polaris showdown that yielded lots of excitement right to the finish. Local Blythe racer Mia Lloyd took the #424 car to the top of the podium with. Ashton Stowell came across the line in the #193 machine less than a minute later with Grace Vinagro hot on his heels in the #1910 car. The top 7 finishers in the class all completed 7 laps, attesting to how close this race was all the way through.

AZOP Blythe, CA

As the evening sun crept toward the mountains West of Blythe, spectators crowded toward the fences to get a good view of the stacked field of 36 entries in the UTV main race that would finish off the day. Racers lined up 4-wide in the start chute and jockeyed for inside position into the first corner. Of the four pro entries - all of whom started in the first group - Kali Kinsman in the #143 Can Am and Matthew Hancock in the #93 Polaris went 1-2 into the first corner and proceeded to battle hard for the first lap. Unfortunately a scoring issue caused the race to be red-flagged before the end of lap 1, and drivers had to re-stage at the starting line for a second attempt. On the restart the result was different with Hancock coming out of turn one in the lead while Kinsman fell to fourth behind Kody Winiecki in the #903 and Brian Crawford in the #933.

Hancock never relinquished the lead and eventually completed 10 laps to take the pro class and the overall win. Kody Winiecki also completed 10 laps and took second place in the pro division and fifth overall. Crawford battled through mechanical issues for most of the race and finished third in the pro class, having completed 6 laps. Kinsman set to work making up ground after the restart but was forced out of the race on lap 4 with a mechanical failure.

Todd Waling drove the #411 Polaris to a win in the 850cc class as the sole entry, completing 8 laps.

Joe Joe Kalous took his #204 Polaris to a win in the 900cc class as the lone entry, having completed 5 laps.

The 1000cc Non-Turbo class featured 19 entries with Clayton Winiecki getting the win in the #901 Polaris with 10 laps completed - good enough for a third place overall finish. Barry Bennett of Blythe drove the #914 Polaris to a second place finish in 10 laps ahead of fellow Blythe native Evan Striplin, who completed 9 laps in the #902 Polaris and finished third.

The Unlimited Turbo class started with 11 entries but suffered significant attrition as only 6 cars made it to the checkered flag. Brian Willison drove a clean 10 laps and won the class while finishing second overall in the #517 Polaris. Laura Cole brought her #89 Polaris home second-in-class with 10 laps completed just 2 seconds ahead of third place finisher Shane Till in the #909 Polaris.

AZOP Blythe, CA

Sunday Races

Day two of the AZOP Rowley White RV Series at Shorty’s Sports Park in Blythe, CA presented by Winiecki Motorsports and ABC Body Shop kicked off with a bright and clear sunrise and a very early start time for the 570cc UTV’s.

Mia Lloyd gave her home town of Blythe a weekend sweep in the class, completing 8 laps in her #424 Polaris. Grace Vinagro in the #1910 improved one spot from the previous day to take second place with 8 laps finished, and #177 Lucas Johnson came in third, completing 8 laps of his own.

Season standings for the 570cc UTV class after Blythe have Lloyd on top of the championship standings with 81 points, followed by Vinagro with 60, and Johnson in third with 39.

AZOP Blythe, CA

After a quick track change to the abridged course, the 170cc/250cc UTV’s took the start area next. Vincent Riccitelli won the 250cc class with 20 laps in his #17 Hisun once again, but had to hold off a competitor on the second day of racing as #16 Aaron Cuevas finished 19 laps in his Polaris. Riccitelli and Cuevas were 1-2 in the overall as well.

Riccitelli now leads the 250cc UTV season standings with 85 points while Reid Aikens sits in second with 30 points. Cuevas is in third with 25 points earned.

In the 170cc class Ryland Stowell repeated his victory from Saturday with a dominant 19 laps in his #192 Polaris. Stevie McLaws in the #66 finished second with 17 laps done and Liam Salas Fisher brought home third in the #115 machine, also with 17 laps.

The dominant weekend from Stowell puts him in control of the 170cc standings with 60 points. Fisher is in second with 56, while Vulture Mine winner Braden Krah fell to third in the standings with 48 points.

AZOP Blythe, CA

Next up were the Pee Wee Quads and once again the racing was close for the kids throughout the 30-minute session. The 80cc + Advanced class was a repeat of Saturday with Tavin Freeman bringing home his second win of the weekend on the #44 machine with 22 laps completed. #95 Brendon Turner once again put in a good ride for second with 21 laps done. Brayden Earlewine was right in the mix for most of the race but suffered a mechanical issue on his #17 bike and ended up third with 15 laps completed.

Freeman is out front in the season standings with 85 points while Earlewine sits second with 72 and Turner is right there in third with 71.

The 80cc + Beginner class on Sunday saw a reversal of the previous day’s 1-2 finishers as Jack Wilson earned the win on the #222 quad after 19 laps. Cade Little had to settle for second place on the #85 with 18 laps done, and Kaiden Lee took third on the #31 Yamaha just a few minutes later, having completed 18 laps as well.

Standings for the beginners show Wilson out front with 85 points, Little in second with 69, and Keagan Trucky in third with 55.

In the 50-79cc 4-6 Year Old class it was Brantley Little completing the weekend sweep in dominant fashion on the #100 Honda in 15 laps. Destry Dugi finished second on the #23 bike with 7 laps done, while Tyler Wade was forced to retire after completing 2 laps on the #88 machine.

The season standings show Little comfortably out front with a perfect 90 points so far in 2019, having won the Vulture Mine race in January as well. Despite the retirement on Sunday, Wade is in second with 46 points and Matteo Gallegos and Dugi are tied for third with 25 points each.

AZOP Blythe, CA

Sticking with the Pee Wee theme, the small bikes came out next. Just as she had done the previous day, Kaycee Curley came out and destroyed the field, running 3 more laps than any other rider on her #238 KTM and handily winning the 50cc 7-8 Year Old class as well as the overall. Rounding out the class were Logan Ford on the #918 KTM with 9 laps and #154 Lane Oden with 7 laps finished.

In the season standings, Oden maintains a 7 point advantage with 67, followed by Curley at 60 and Ford at 50.

In the 65cc C class #73 Deegan Enriguez took the win and second place overall with 17 laps. Luke Johnson was second in class and third overall on the #80 Kawasaki with 14 laps completed and Alexander Rodriguez finished on the third podium spot with 13 laps done on the #010 bike.

Cooper Skersick owns the lead in the 65cc class with 60 points but it’s a close race with Chase James having 59 and Enriguez in third with 55.

As was the case on Saturday, the Curley family got another top podium spot in the 50cc 4-6 Year Old class as Courtney Curley did 12 laps on her #25 Honda. Colton Rademacher repeated his second place finish from Saturday on the #94 Honda with 11 laps done, and Hayden Griffity took third with 8 laps completed on the #723 bike.

Curley has a commanding lead in the season standings at 81 while Rademacher sits in second with 50 and Griffith in third with 39.

AZOP Blythe, CA

The Big Bikes took the starting line next as AZOP officials once again switched the track back to the full-length course. Sunday did not see any pro entries so the Open A riders stepped up to put on a show at the front of the field, with 4 riders eventually finishing within about 2 minutes of each other. Taking the Open A class win and the overall a day after winning Open B was Joe Joe Kalous on the #826 Honda with 10 laps finished. Drake Hacker repeated his performance from Saturday and slotted into the second spot on the #214 Kawasaki with 10 laps. #95 Austin Alexander finished 10 laps and rounded out the Open A podium after climbing back to the third spot following a bad start that put him in 8th out of turn one. Hacker and Alexander also finished 2-3 in the overall standings, respectively.

Season standings for Open A have Alexander in first place with 67 points over Brian Perry with 53 and David Richards with 52.

Open B was hotly contested as well with Derek Brisco representing his hometown well and taking first place in the class on the #67 Kawasaki with 10 laps completed. Brandon Ybarra Hacker brought his #313 Husqvarna home in second after 10 laps just 13 seconds behind Brisco. Tate Van Voorst finished third on the #415 Kawasaki having finished 9 laps.

Brisco now leads the season standings with 51 points while Van Voorst sits second with 48 and Jarren Atwater sits third with 44.

#33 Collier Martinez put in a blistering ride for the second day in a row and finished 9 laps to take first in the 125-250cc B class as well as 7th overall, beating out most of the larger displacement machines. Dustin Queen finished second in class with 9 laps done on the #974 Yamaha and Colton Edwards took third place 17 seconds later on the #29 Kawasaki, also finishing 9 laps.

Martinez now sits in first place for the 125-250cc B class with 60 points earned, while Edwards has 51, and Queen has 46.

Alejandro Cortez Jr repeated as the winner of the Open C class after running 9 laps on the #372 machine. Chazz Gonzalez of Blythe finished second with 9 laps completed on the #322 Kawasaki and Joe Walkup came in third after 8 laps on the #58 Yamaha.

Cortez Jr leads the Open C points with 60 over Jacob Moraga with 52 and Jacob Robinson with 50.

Anthony Luna dominated the 125-250cc C class with 9 laps finished on his #700 Suzuki. Jaeqon Peterson did 8 laps and finished second on the #727 bike while Tyler Snodgrass brought his #54 KTM around the course 8 times.

Peterson leads the 125-250cc C points with 64, followed by Cole Haley with 54 and Luna with 45.

Master 50+ B was won by Mike Carroll on the #027 bike after he completed 9 laps. Cass Morgan took second on the #029, also with 9 laps. Richard Heyer was third in class for the second day in a row on the #311 Yamaha with 8 laps finished.

Heyer leads the Master 50+ B points with 42 while Ron Simpson sits second with 30 and Dan Diemer is third with 25.

Tim Dana won the 125-250cc A class on the #97 machine and now holds the lead in the season points with 60 over Kaden Vermilyea, who has 30.

#028 Ed Heacox won Master 50+ A in 9 laps.

#039 Kyle Kuse won Vet 30+ A after completing 9 laps on his Honda while Jordan Luke won Vet 30+ B on the #040 GasGas, also with 9 laps completed.

AZOP Blythe, CA

With the big bikes done for the weekend out came the Mini Bikes to finish up the two-wheeled competitions. In the 80-150cc A class Travis Boyd put in another fast ride on his #22 Honda and this time around was rewarded with a first place overall finish after completing 7 laps. Porter May also did 7 laps on the #177 Honda to take second in class and overall.

Boyd leads the 80-150cc A season series after Blythe with 81 points, while May sits in second with 75. Jonathan Kirat rounds out the top three with 30 points.

Jaxon Steele put in a great ride, finishing 6 laps in the 80-150cc C class to win it while taking third overall on the #199 machine. Danny Baca on the #48 KTM finished his sixth lap only ten seconds later to take second place, while Colson Skersick brought the #413 KTM across the line for the sixth time just seven seconds after that to take third.

The season championship is shaping up to be close all the way this year as Baca leads with 80 points just ahead of Steele with 78. Clayton Hixon is in third with 61.

Marley Kuhn once again rode uncontested in the 65cc A class and took home another first place after 6 laps on the #21 KTM. Kuhn now has 90 points on the season in the 65cc A class.

After a win on Saturday, Cooper Skersick moved up from the Pee Wee division on Sunday to ride the 65cc B class with the mini bikes. The longer course didn’t seem to phase him as he earned the class win with 6 laps completed on the #247 machine. Owen Wesley finished second on the #928 KTM with 5 laps done and Tristin Andrade rounded out the class podium on the #2 bike with 4 laps finished.

Wesley sits in first place for the 65cc B class with 76 points while Andrade is in second with 51. Edwardo Panuco is third with 41 points.

In the 80-150cc B class Spencer Cyr of Blythe took the win on his #014 KTM, having completed 5 laps. Chase Boyd brought home second place on the #4 Honda, also with 5 laps finished.

In the Women’s C class Ellie Koester won the day, finishing 5 laps on her #93 Kawasaki. Emilee Carter came in second after finishing 5 laps on her #371 machine. Grace Vinagro rounded out the podium spots with 4 laps completed on the #191 bike.

Carter leads the championship chase with 75 points while Koester has 60 and Vinagro has 42.

AZOP Blythe, CA

With three races remaining on the weekend it was time for the Mini Quads to take the course. As the wind began to pick up atop the bluffs north of Blythe, the four competitors in the field lined up their machines and prepared to do battle. And battle they would, with all four riders completing 7 laps and less than three minutes separating first from fourth. For the second day in a row, Jayden Jackson couldn’t be caught on the #77 Yamaha. The race for second place was one of the closest of the entire weekend, with Dakota Hibler on the #57 prevailing by only two seconds over #61 Wyatt Little. Dylan Skaggs brought his #199 Kawasaki over the line a scant 8 seconds later, confirming just how close this race really was after 40 minutes.

The season standings have Skaggs in the lead with 69 points while Jackson sits second with 60 and Hibler is running in third with 50.

AZOP Blythe, CA

As the younger competitors left the course for the final time, the Big Quads/ATC’s lined up for their final race. With no pro riders signing up for Sunday, it was a very evenly matched field; of the 13 entries eight of the riders would finish 8 laps, with less than 3 minutes separating first from fifth overall.

Rick Ellsworth took the overall win along with the Vet Pro class win for the second day in a row, having completed 8 laps on the #121 Honda. Todd Ellsworth also finished 8 laps on his #54 Honda and took home second place in Vet Pro.

Rick now holds the season lead with 85 points over Todd’s 80. Ron Suor sits in third place with 21 points.

In the Expert class Nick Helton rode the #808 Yamaha to a class win and a second overall finish, while Michael Mack took second in class and third overall on the #821 Honda.

Helton is perfect on the season so far and holds a commanding lead in the Expert class with 90 points. Dylan Mayol sits in second with 46 points while Mack sits third with 43.

In the Sportsman class #133 Brian Jackson took his Yamaha to the top of the podium, with Layne Fryar finishing less than a minute later on the #974. Third place went to #342 Dakota Veltkamp.

Jackson holds the series points lead with 60, while Fryar is in second with 46 and Veltkamp is in third with 37.

In the ATC (3 Wheelers) division, David Ham continued his perfect season by putting the #20 bike on the top spot of the podium once again. He was followed by Paul Airey’s #71 Honda, who finished 7 laps to take second place. Jacob Williams rode the #042 Honda for 6 laps and took third.

Ham leads the ATC standings with a perfect 90 points. Airey is in second with 46, and Ed Hicks is third with 43.

AZOP Blythe, CA

Though the field was slightly smaller for day two, the excitement over the UTV class was still palpable. With a stiff wind beginning to blow and conditions turning dusty and difficult on the back end of the course (Shorty’s staff kept the motocross and spectator areas well watered throughout the day to avoid making grateful spectators and photographers eat dust), the field lined up in the start chute.

With clear intent to avenge her bad luck from Saturday, Kali Kinsman fired her #143 Can Am into turn one and took the holeshot into the motocross section. Unfortunately her bad luck continued and she was forced to retire after only one lap. Kody Winiecki took advantage and ran 9 hard laps to get the overall and Pro class win in the #903 machine. Brian Crawford placed second in class with 6 laps completed in the #933 Polaris, while Randy Van Kuilenb took third, completing 3 laps in the #457.

Winiecki now leads the Pro class points chase with 67, with Crawford a close second with 64. Derek Geiser and Matthew Hancock are tied for third with 30 points each.

In the 1000cc Non-Turbo class it was local boy Evan Striplin in the #902 Polaris taking the class win along with second place overall, having completed 9 laps. Paul Romanek took home second in class and third overall in the #7 machine, also completing 9 laps. Clayton Winiecki rounded out the class podium with 8 laps done in his #901 Polaris.

The standings for 1000cc Non-Turbo show Romanek in first place with 66 points, followed by Striplin and Winiecki tied for second with 51 apiece. Barry Bennett sits third with 40.

In the Unlimited Turbo class Chase De Sousa Dias pulled out a big lead in his #904 Polaris and was the only car in class to finish 8 laps. Second place went to Greg Hamilton in the #23 Can Am with 7 laps done, while third went to Daniel Hurn in the #969 Can Am, also finishing 7 laps.

Hamilton now leads the Unlimited Turbo points chase with 58, followed closely by De Sousa Dias with 55. Bruce Kennedy is third with 46.

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