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Washington Discover Pass

Simplifying the Details

RP Staff (December 2018)

You're planning a big weekend trip up in Washington - the camper is stocked and ready, bikes are prepped and everybody is looking forward to the weekend but you keep hearing about this "Discover Pass". What? More paperwork and fees? Does everyone in the group need it, and is it hard to get? Since we get asked this question a lot, we decided to tackle this topic and hopefully make it easier to understand.

Basically it boils down to two things - where you are riding and if your bike/ORV is street legal or not.

First figure out where you are riding. BLM, National Forest, private motocross tracks/offroad parks do not require the pass. You will need current registration to ride on BLM or National Forest land and probably pay a small fee at the staging area.

State or DNR managed land (example: Tahuya or Walker Valley) require the Discover Pass.

OK, so far so good. Decided to ride on state or DNR land? Now go to the next part:

Is your bike/ORV street legal or not? This matters!

The pass is required if the motorcycle/ORV is street legal and licensed for highway use. If you are towing your street legal motorcycle or ORV in the bed of your truck or on a trailer you will need a pass for BOTH the truck (or tow vehicle) and for each street legal motorcycle/ORV that is being transported (additional pass not required for the trailer).

If the motorcycle is NOT street legal (just a regular ol' dirt bike) and you are a Washington resident you will need to get an ORV tab. This means paying a visit to the local DMV. From out of state with a non-street legal motorcycle? If the motorcycle is registered in your home state with a similar offroad registration program, it's likey Washington will reciprocate (Idaho, Oregon and Utah are examples). Come from a state that does not register offroad vehicles? You will need to get a Temporary ORV Use Permit.

It's easy to get the Discover Pass. Just call (866) 320-9933, online or by visiting one of the local vendors. Cost as of December 2018 is $35/annual pass or $11.50/day pass.

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